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How is child custody determined for parents in the Air Force?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Military Family Law |

Being an Oklahoma parent who is serving in the Air Force isn’t easy. It can be especially challenging if you are divorced or no longer in an unmarried relationship with your child’s other parent. Fortunately, the Air Force is now giving more child custody opportunities to its members.

What is the new Air Force policy regarding child custody matters?

The Air Force recently instituted a new military family law policy that allows airmen and airwomen the chance to be closer to their children. The policy benefits members of the Air Force who are divorced or never married to their former partner. If you have children, you can now request an assignment located near your kids or a deferment to remain near them.

Previously, members of the Air Force were required to go wherever they were assigned. This led to many parents being separated from their children for long stretches of time. The Air Force acknowledged that this put a big strain on families, which led to the new policy being instituted. With the new military family law in place, members can still perform their duties and meet the needs of the service while remaining in the same location as their children, giving them the chance to co-parent with the other parent. The Air Force acknowledges that this change is healthy for families and can only strengthen familial bonds.

Custody and visitation issues have increased among military families

The number of custody and visitation issues among military families has increased over the years, leading to the creation of the new. The courts must consider an airman or airwoman’s deployments, but they cannot be the only basis for determining child custody. The policy change was made after an Air Force chief of staff had an interest in airwomen serving. This brought on a unique challenge as many airwomen are also mothers.