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Your divorce decree in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Divorce |

Filing for a divorce in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a stressful time. Waiting for a divorce decree to be settled adds to the stress, with your divorce not finalized until signed by both parties. A final decree of divorce contains information about each person involved in the divorce and the decisions made. A divorce decree contains details of alimony, child custody, debt division, and property.

What is a final decree of divorce

A final decree of divorce contains all the information about the details of a divorce. The court will produce the final decree based on your marital statement agreement and the details you have agreed upon. Details within the decree need to be followed up because they can be enforced by Oklahoma’s Family Court System. Both parties need to sign the decree for it to be finalized.

What is contained in a divorce decree?

A divorce decree contains all the details agreed upon by the court and the divorcing partners. Details of alimony and child custody are the most important to most families. Other details include your name, address, and birthdate to help you use the decree.

Keep a copy for your records

You will need to keep a copy of the divorce decree for your records. By keeping a copy of your divorce decree you can track the actions of your former spouse compared to the requirements of the decree. You will need to have a copy of your divorce decree on hand if you want to remarry or make changes to child custody arrangements.

Your divorce decree is a vital record of your agreement with your former spouse. Making sure all the information contained is correct is important to protect yourself in any divorce action.