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What’s the difference between open and closed adoption?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Family Law |

Adoption is a wonderful way for Oklahoma residents to grow their families. It’s also one of the most selfless things you can do for a child who needs a loving home. If you’re considering this route, you should know the difference between open and closed adoption.

What to know about open adoptions

Open adoption is when the child’s biological parent is known by the adoptive family and the child. It gives the adoptive family the opportunity to maintain a relationship with the birth mother and learn about any health conditions that may impact the child. Most adoptions available today are open.

The child knows their biological mother with open adoption, so they won’t have to search for her later in life to ask questions. Children can benefit from knowing where they came from genetically and might do better emotionally and physically.

Open adoption is often rewarding for many families. The adoptive parents are often present during the child’s birth.

What to know about closed adoptions

Closed adoptions occur when the birth parent is not known to the adoptive family. This allows for more privacy for all parties. It’s not always ideal because any possible genetic health conditions may not be disclosed when the biological mother puts the child up for adoption. The child might struggle with their identity and not knowing where they come from, which could lead to the need to search for the birth mother. However, this doesn’t happen with all adopted children.

Today, open adoption is more common than closed adoption as it gives families more transparency about their children. It also gives the child more information so they don’t have to feel as though something is missing.

If you’re considering adoption, comparing open and closed adoptions can help you make up your mind about which option is better for you.