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Common disagreements between co-parents

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorced Oklahoma couples often decide to co-parent. Although this benefits the child, problems can arise between the parents. Dealing with a former spouse isn’t always easy, even in the case of co-parenting. Divorced couples who co-parent might have conflict over the following:

Badmouthing the other parent

Resentment often follows a divorce. And all types of emotions can arise between former spouses. If a child hears one parent badmouth the other, the child might repeat the information. Parents who co-parent should watch their language around the child. The parents can also tell their families to avoid negative comments about the ex.

Daily living

Ideally, a child will keep the same daily routine with both parents. However, that doesn’t always happen in a co-parenting situation. One parent might have a 9:00 pm bedtime. But the other parent might let the child stay up until midnight. Co-parents should discuss the child’s daily routine. It helps if the parents create a routine that works for them and the child.

Parenting style

One parent might believe strict discipline is best for a child. But the other parent might take a more lenient parenting approach. The parents should consider a compromise that creates consistency for the child.

Money issues

After a divorce, a parent might try to buy the child’s affection. And the other parent might object to excessive gift-giving. The parents can discuss it, but there’s no guarantee talking will help. In that case, it might help to let the child know that being spoiled can hurt them later in life.

Romantic relationships

One or both parents will eventually get a new romantic partner. And the child will meet the new partner sooner or later. It’s best to discuss the meeting before it happens.

Co-parenting takes hard work and compromise. But remembering it’s in the child’s best interest makes it all worth it.