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Common reasons why married couples get divorced

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Firm News |

When Oklahoma couples exchange wedding vows, they expect their marriages to last. However, that’s not always the case. Things happen, and many marriages end in divorce. These are the most common reasons why couples get divorced.

Lack of communication

Communication breakdowns are one of the most common causes of divorce. If a couple cannot effectively communicate their feelings, hopes, wishes or issues, it can gradually chip away at the relationship and lead to resentment. Effective communication in a marriage is both verbal and physical.

Lack of intimacy

All marriages need emotional and physical intimacy to succeed. When that area is lacking, it can lead to each spouse beginning to lose interest in the relationship as he or she begins to feel stifled, lonely and unloved. One or both partners may even begin looking elsewhere to fulfill their emotional and sexual needs. However, even if that doesn’t happen, a lack of intimacy can lead to divorce.

Incessant arguing

Nobody likes to constantly argue with his or her spouse. When that happens, and there’s no solution in sight, it can erode the marriage. If a couple that’s incessantly arguing doesn’t get counseling or help, they’re likely to end up in divorce court.


Cheating is a common reason for divorce. If one or both partners stray and get involved with other people, it results in broken hearts and a loss of trust. Marriage is all about trust and fidelity, but if a spouse is unfaithful, it can break the bonds of trust and destroy the relationship. The cheating spouse must make amends, but if the one who was cheated on can’t forgive, divorce may be the only option.

All married couples are different. While some can work through these issues, others might end up getting a divorce over them.