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Oklahoma City Divorce Lawyer

An experienced lawyer who understands the divorce process can give you straightforward answers and help you make informed decisions. Working with the right firm and the right attorney can make all of the difference in your family’s future.

I am attorney Kevin Taylor. At Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, I provide you with the special care you need during this major life change. I work with you to ensure the best path is taken to secure your assets now and in the future. With over a decade of experience handling divorce, complex divorce and family law issues, I will assess your case and advocate for your interests.

Pursue Your Independence

My goal as your family law professional is to help you protect your interests as you move on in life as a single parent. I will explain your rights under existing law and help you identify your legal goals in the divorce process. I offer divorce help on a wide range of issues, including:

I can help you focus on strategies to keep you on track for professional development or allow you to tend to your growing business while allowing you to preserve your relationship with your children. I work for you and will pursue your case as aggressively and to the extent that you decide.

Pursuing Fair And Reasonable Spousal Support

I will vigorously pursue fair alimony (spousal maintenance) and child support arrangements for parents who have been the primary breadwinners for their families. From helping you assess your spouse’s future prospects for employment to preserving your custody rights to defending you against unrealistic support provisions, I am your advocate in building a better life for your and your kids.

Divorce Advice For Business Owners And Professionals

In today’s world, staying together for the children is no longer a valid reason for parents to stay in an unhappy marriage. It costs nothing to schedule a consultation at Taylor Law Firm, PLLC. Let me explain how my experience and commitment to client service can help you build a better tomorrow.

Experienced In Handling Complex And High-Asset Cases

Stakes are high when ownership of large assets or a family business is being contested. Decisions made now can have lasting effects, especially if there are children involved. A lawyer who is proven to be capable is your best asset in complex courtroom situations.

Custom-Tailored Parenting Plans

I can help you pursue a visitation schedule that is custom-tailored to your family to include religious holidays, work schedules and school schedules. I will work one-on-one with you to understand your family’s needs and strive to incorporate them into your parenting plan. Should your circumstances change, I can also help with modifications to plans and enforcement.

Contact Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, And Schedule A Consultation

Whether you need a family law attorney to handle your contested child custody matter or an uncontested divorce, I can help you. Contact my firm or call to schedule a consultation. In the Oklahoma City area, I can be reached at 405-648-9540. My office is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.