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Understand Oklahoma’s Military Child Custody Laws

The men and women who serve our country have a unique circumstance that may impact their parenting and custody rights. At Taylor Law Firm, PLLC we’ve helped numerous parents with custody involving a deployed or active duty parent.

Recent changes in legislation have made it easier for active service duty parents to retain custody. Oklahoma protects the rights of military service members in child custody and visitation cases. Under Oklahoma law:

  • Deployed parents can appear in court using teleconferencing software.
  • Deployed parents can designate another family member to receive the visitation the service member would have received if he or she had not been deployed. This can help families stay connected during a long deployment.
  • A non-military spouse cannot use deployment as grounds for modifying child custody.

Whether you are going through a military divorce or a separate child custody action, our experienced attorneys can help you ensure that you understand your rights under the new military child custody law. We also have decades of experience helping service members and civilians enforce and modify child custody and visitation orders.

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