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Experienced In Oklahoma Paternity

Whether you are a struggling single mom seeking the support you need from the father of your child or you are a father who desperately wants to be a productive part of your child’s life, I can help you take on complex paternity issues in and out of the courtroom at Taylor Law Firm, PLLC.

My name is Kevin Taylor, and I have successfully helped both mothers and fathers address a range of thorny issues such as custody, visitation and child support rights. At my family law firm, I offer more than a decade of experience. I offer guidance and support to take your case in the direction you desire.

Representing Men And Women In Paternity Cases

If you are involved in any paternity or family law matter, it is important to have a lawyer on your side with the experience and commitment to fully explore all options for helping you reach your goals. At my law office, I put the interests of my clients first and foremost in every case I take on. I can help you address issues such as:

  • Establishing paternity and DNA testing
  • Visitation
  • Custody rights
  • Child support

Sometimes fathers are not even aware that they have a son or daughter. If a mother is actively trying to keep the father out of the child’s life, legal action may be the only way to obtain the visitation or custody rights you and your child deserve. In other cases, mothers struggling to make ends meet may need to seek support for their child or children through the courts from a father who is trying to avoid responsibility.

These are complex and difficult issues for both sides, and having a reliable and knowledgeable legal counselor on your side can be a vital part of reaching your goals. I will take the time to fully evaluate your case, listen to your story and help you get results.

Do Not Wait To Act In Paternity Cases

There can be real consequences for waiting to exercise your rights under Oklahoma paternity and family law. The goal of the courts is to ensure the health, support and safety of the child. In many cases, that means allowing both a mother and father to have an active and productive role. In other situations, it means taking a child out of a dangerous environment.

Whatever your paternity situation, I stand ready to provide clear and straightforward legal guidance. Contact my firm online or call me at 405-648-9540 to schedule a consultation and case review.