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Experienced In Estate Planning And Probate

As an experienced and respected attorney, I represent clients in estate planning and probate matters. My name is Kevin Taylor, and I help people at all phases of the estate process, from estate planning preparation to probate litigation, providing clear guidance backed by decades of proven experience.

I will fully evaluate your situation and provide straightforward and reliable guidance based on your needs and your goals. Whether you are seeking to build a lasting legacy for your family or you need dependable advice as the personal representative of an Oklahoma estate, Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, can help you succeed.

Estate Planning Solutions

I work with clients at all phases of their lives and careers to build lasting estate plans designed to protect their property, wealth and family. I understand that probate can be expensive, and I can work with you to minimize the burdens for your family with a range of strategies. Some of the most common matters I handle include:

  • Preparation of wills
  • Establishment of trusts
  • Tax planning

I work with you to evaluate your long-term plan and help you build strategies to help you reach those estate planning goals.

Experienced Oklahoma Probate Attorney

There are two kinds of probate cases: those involving a deceased individual who left behind a will (testate), and those involving the lack of a will (intestate). Without a will, the court distributes property to next of kin in accordance with Oklahoma statutes. When there is a will, a personal representative is named to oversee the administration of the decedent’s estate.

I can represent personal representatives and guide them through the sometimes-complex issues that arise during probate. I also represent family members in will contests who believe that the execution of the will involved undue influence, fraud or lack of capacity to make the will in the first place, such as a will made by an Alzheimer’s patient.

Client-Focused Estate Planning And Probate Representation

When I take on your case, I focus on helping you reach your goals while protecting your estate or your inheritance. I will pursue your options as vigorously as you feel necessary. To schedule a consultation at my Oklahoma City office, call me at 405-648-9540 or use my online form.