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A Respected Oklahoma City Appeals Law Office

At the Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers are experienced appellate attorneys who prosecute or defend appeals in civil cases. They also accept referrals from attorneys seeking dependable counsel for clients who want to pursue appeals.

If you are an individual or an attorney who needs an experienced law office in appellate matters we can help. We have decades of experience and a reputation for taking on significant cases with positive results. Our team of professionals offer a proven record and a thorough, results-focused approach to every case.

Do Not Wait To Take Action

Appellate filings must happen in a timely manner, and delaying action can result in lost opportunities. Ordinarily, an appeal must be filed within 30 days of the filing of the order being appealed. Failure to commence an appeal within this 30-day window will result in the appeal being dismissed without being considered on its merits by the appellate court.

Our office represents clients in appeals cases involving:

  • Errors committed in the original trial
  • Decisions not supported by competent evidence
  • Courts that exceeded their jurisdiction
  • Courts that abused their discretion

Appeals do not involve the submission of additional or new evidence. Appeals involve reconsideration of trial court errors and are based upon the original trial record.

Dependable Appellate Representation

From filing the appeal to oral arguments, we have the reputation, knowledge and background to handle a broad range of appellate cases. To schedule a consultation and case review, call Taylor Law Firm, PLLC, at our Oklahoma City office: 405-525-2232, or contact us online and we will call or email you promptly.