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Social media and divorce concerns

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Divorce |

Social media provides more than a diversion for people interested in posting comments, photos and videos. It can be a valuable communication tool that has many benefits. However, there can be drawbacks when someone puts too much personal information online. Oklahoma residents who are filing for divorce might discover that staying off social media has upsides.

Social media and divorce

People who become consumed with posting on social media might find distance developing in their marriage. Some may attempt to become celebrities on social media, a time-consuming process that could hurt a marriage. Now, social media use only sometimes contributes to divorce. However, social media posts may play an unexpected role in divorce proceedings.

When going through a divorce, spouses may find it beneficial to refrain from posting on social media. However, this might not always be possible when people use social media for business or personal communications. So, avoiding posting anything that may affect the divorce proceedings could be advisable. Those involved in a traumatic divorce might wish to vent about their situation, but there could be far more downsides than upsides with such behavior.

Posting positive things, such as recommending a noncontroversial film, might not create problems. Complaining about aspects of the divorce may make a challenging situation more difficult, though. The same sentiment might apply to posting too much personal information during the divorce proceedings.

Additional points about social media

Those who spend a significant amount of time on social media may wish to reduce the time they spend on it gradually. Reading various social media feeds or comments without commenting may be a good plan. When the divorce concludes, returning to previous online activities might be acceptable.

Social media activity could cause problems for someone involved in divorce proceedings. Altering social media interactions and setting expanded privacy settings could be worth considering.