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Is Oklahoma alternate week co-parenting a good choice?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Child Custody |

Children of divorced couples in Oklahoma often find it difficult to deal with divorce. Much of the emotional strife centers around issues of child custody. Some parents choose alternate-week co-parenting in which they alternate weeks with the children. But alternate-week parenting has its shortcomings and can have a negative effect on the children.

Development of anxiety disorders

An alternating-week child custody arrangement means the children spend one week with one parent. The children then spend the next week with the other parent. The children are always away from one parent for an entire week. Missing the other parent can cause children to feel depressed or detached. Children might even develop separation anxiety or anxiety in general.

Tense moments between parents

This type of co-parenting can cause emotional turmoil if the parents don’t get along. When a parent doesn’t have the children for the week, it’s usually acceptable for them to make phone calls. In some cases, the parent might even visit the children. If the parents are still angry about the divorce, moments together can result in arguments or tension that aren’t good for the children.

Difficult to manage schedules

Work schedules can cause problems with alternate week co-parenting. One parent’s work schedule might make it difficult to get the children to school on time. Or both parents could have this problem. Getting the children from school could also pose a problem. And before or after-school care often requires a weekly commitment.

Co-parenting options

There’s more than one way to co-parent. Some plans allow the children to live with both parents a few days each week. This can possibly reduce or prevent separation anxiety. The goal is to create a loving and stable environment for the children.