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These divorce survey results may surprise you

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2023 | Divorce |

A Forbes Advisor survey about divorce had some interesting results. This survey features a variety of questions on the factors that put strain on and led to a couple getting divorced. There is a surprising factor that leads to divorce for couples in Oklahoma and across the US that has made it to the top of this list.

The top factor for recent divorces

Many couples get a no-fault divorce. This is when one or both parties legally end the marriage without citing that either individual is responsible for wrongdoing that led to the divorce.

Even though this is the case, many of these marriages still end with a great deal of friction between the parties. The highest percentage (46 percent) of couples are said to have conflict in the area of their career choices. When you think about it, the report over the last several years that money is a top cause of conflict isn’t so strange.

Other common conflicts among couples leading to divorce

The survey indicated several other major conflicts reported by people who got divorces:

  • Differences in parenting (this came in at second at 43 percent)
  • Finances
  • Choices impacting their health
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • How to divide household tasks

Although there are plenty of stressors that cause marriages to become extremely rocky, many people have said that they believe they could have avoided divorce if they better understood their spouse’s values and morals early on. 63 percent of people who participated in the survey said that they could have avoided divorce if they understood commitment more before they got married.

Divorce is a stressful process that doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you find that efforts to work through your differences aren’t successful, you can get assistance to get through this process with as little headache as possible.