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How to effectively co-parent a child with special needs

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Child Custody |

Oklahoma adults can find it difficult to navigate post-divorce life. This situation can present additional challenges for parents of special needs children. Fortunately, a divorcing couple can work together by learning how to co-parent a special needs child.

Keeping your child healthy

There’s nothing more important to a parent than their child’s health. Special needs children can require therapy, treatment and other medical appointments. As you begin co-parenting, you and your ex-spouse should decide who’s taking on medical responsibilities for your child. Parents can also divide who attends certain appointments.

Having an outside support network

Working with your ex-spouse to co-parent is helpful for your child. However, parents can sometimes only do so much for their children. Friends, siblings, parents and grandparents can all be parts of a network of help for your child. Additionally, parents can also often rely on their children’s teachers, therapists and doctors for assistance.

Making time for your fun

Many co-parenting decisions involve handling child custody, medical necessities and other serious topics. But parents must not forget about letting their special needs child have fun. While a divorce is stressful for parents, children often have difficulties as their parents separate.

Whether it’s a multi-day vacation or a day at the park, everyone deserves occasional time for fun, and parents should remember to build these times into their parenting schedule. When drafting the custody agreement, be specific about vacations and weekend getaways that you’re planning, and remember to incorporate these activities into any child support discussions.

It may initially seem difficult to work with your ex-spouse. However, working past challenges to co-parent a special needs child provides them with a stable and supportive environment.