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Devising a holiday co-parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Family Law |

The holiday season may impact a divorced couple’s co-parenting plans. Those who received a final decree of divorce and child custody decisions from a judge in an Oklahoma Family Court understand that the child’s best interests come first. Keeping a child’s welfare in mind when managing co-parenting arrangements during the holidays often becomes a priority for both ex-spouses.

Holiday co-parenting

Proper planning and organization could help holiday co-parenting significantly. Proper planning involves investing the appropriate amount of time to determine the parent-child schedules. Knowing what day the child will be with what parent and what activities, such as shopping for gifts for relatives, should not necessarily be left to the last minute. Otherwise, various scheduling problems could arise.

Keeping a child informed of all plans could also be a good idea. This way, the child is not confused about what they’ll do during the festive weeks.

Parents will purchase gifts their children want for the holidays, and it could be problematic if both parents buy the same gifts. Deciding who will buy a particular gift may eliminate such an avoidable problem.

Other holiday matters

Ex-spouses who are not on the best terms should avoid allowing tensions to ruin the holidays for the child. Working through any problems to ensure the holiday season remains a positive experience for the child seems like a good plan for all. Again, child custody arrangements are designed to work to the benefit of the young one’s well-being.

If one parent proves difficult when attempting to devise a holiday co-parenting plan, it might be necessary to return to court. A parent whose behavior undermines the child custody agreement or puts the child’s welfare in danger may request a remedy from a judge.