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Nesting after a divorce and making it work

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Child Custody |

Divorce is never easy for Oklahoma couples, but sometimes, it’s better to split than stay in a troubled marriage. Unfortunately, with children involved, divorce can complicate things. However, there is a child custody option known as nesting that could help ease the situation and uphold normalcy for the children.

Nesting explained

Nesting, also known as birdnesting, is an option for child custody that allows your children to continue living in the family home after a separation or divorce. The parents take turns living in the home as they share custody; when it’s one parent’s turn, the other lives somewhere else such as in a separate apartment or with relatives. They alternate living in the home while raising the children to ease them into the changing family dynamic.

Parents must work together civilly to make things easy for the kids. When interacting around the children, staying respectful is important; if the parents must argue, they should do it out of the kids’ presence.

Benefits of nesting

Many children have trouble adjusting to their parents’ divorce. Nesting can help make the situation easier for kids of all ages. Because it lets them remain in the family home, they get a sense of stability and familiarity. Children don’t have to move to a different, strange city or town and can continue attending school and maintaining their friendships and extracurricular activities.

Nesting also benefits parents financially. They can rent an apartment that each party takes turns living in when it’s the other’s turn to have custody. Parents share the expenses in the family home as well.

Nesting is a temporary solution that can help families after divorce. Children may have an easier time with familiar surroundings while getting used to the situation.