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Signs that your partner is committing “quiet quitting”

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Divorce |

In states including Oklahoma and many others, you may have noticed “quiet quitting” happening within your workplace. This term describes what happens when someone doesn’t enjoy their job but not enough to quit. Therefore, these people tend to put in the bare minimum amount of work needed to keep their jobs. Some people also quietly quit their marriages, typically exhibiting signs along the way.

Spending less time together

One sign that you or someone else is quietly quitting a marriage means spending as little time with your partner as possible. That’s not to say that married couples must spend 24 hours together. However, problems arise when someone looks for any excuse to avoid being alone with their spouse.

Helping out less

Noticing that a spouse spends less time at home while not doing their fair share can be understandably stressful. While not all couples split housework 50-50, many of them divide these activities in some way. Whether it’s helping with dishes after you cook or taking pets on walks, people quietly quitting a marriage often begin putting in less effort to any marriage-related tasks.

All disagreements stop

At first, it may seem helpful if your spouse doesn’t rush to defend their side in an argument. However, if this behavior continues, it can be a sign that your spouse is quietly quitting your marriage. When this happens, it could soon lead to a potential divorce for a married couple. That’s because people sometimes focus more on a marriage ending than putting in more effort to fix it through arguing or disagreeing with their spouse.

Recognizing that you or your spouse are engaging in the marital version of quiet quitting is often alarming. But that doesn’t mean that your marriage is automatically over.